About Us

A Pioneer in Digestive Wellness Chocolate

In 2014 we started with an idea  – can a more nutritious chocolate be created with unrefined sugar instead of refined white sugar?  It has now evolved into chocolate as a platform for delivering wellness through whole ingredients.

We have a passion for improving health through diet, and such a product did not exist on the market. So, we embarked on a year of research and development on this pioneering approach which led to the creation of Double Spiral Chocolate and the launch of a range of single origin bars in 2015.   

Why Double Spiral?

We are Stuart and Mhairi Craig, originally from Scotland. Stuart has a doctorate in biochemistry from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and is a scientist working on the nutritional benefits of food ingredients. During his career, he has published research on dietary fiber and micronutrients. Mhairi is a registered nurse with a BA in Nursing Studies from Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh and practices her profession in Delaware.

Welcome to the first handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Delaware, located in the Arts & Crafts community of The Ardens.  The Double Spiral is an ancient Celtic symbol that resembles the Taoist Yin-Yang. Two opposing spirals emerge from a single line to signify how opposite components can find balance.

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