Health Benefits of Unrefined Cane Sugar

Double Spiral Chocolate have been a pioneer on the use of unrefined sugar.  This traditional raw sugar is obtained by evaporating water from sugarcane juice and is produced in sugarcane growing regions around the world.  It is known by many different names such as non-centrifugal-sugar (NCS), sucanat, panela, rapadura, jaggery, gur, kokuto or muscovado. Here is a review of health benefits of NCS.

A new study has investigated the impact of refined and unrefined cane sugar and starch on the microbiota of dental biofilm.  Healthy volunteers were given sweet meals either made with refined white sugar and white rice (ReSS) or with unrefined brown sugar and red rice (UReSS).  Before and after eating a sweet meal, saliva and dental plaque were collected for DNA analysis.  The unrefined carbohydrates decreased bacteria associated with dental diseases (like Streptococcus) but the refined carbohydrates increased bacteria associated with diseases.  The authors concluded that polyphenols aid in the prevention of dental caries and recommended using polyphenol-rich unrefined sugars and carbohydrates for both oral and general health.