Happy Whole Grain Day 2022 and Save 10%

You know about our passion for the health benefits of cacao in chocolate, but we’re just as passionate about our other ingredients – including whole grains! Click here to learn about an upcoming webinar organized by the Whole Grain Initiative on ‘Why Do Whole Grains Matter For The Whole World’.

Stuart has been active throughout his career on the definition and health benefits of whole grains and dietary fiber. He was President of the Cereals & Grains Association in 2006 and remains active in the new field of the gut microbiome and health. We therefore wanted to include whole grains in some of our chocolate, starting with Crispy Quinoa bars a few years ago. Now we have the All-Day Breakfast Bars that include quinoa and oat bran.

We know that some of you have dietary restrictions, such as gluten sensitivity, so our bars do not include wheat or other gluten-containing grains.  Unfortunately, avoiding such grains can lead to an overall reduction in whole grain intake and a corresponding reduction in important nutrients (including fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, and iron). See these articles by Harvard Public Health and the New York Times for more information. So, it’s important to include foods in your diet that are rich in these nutrients. That’s where our chocolate can help!

To celebrate Whole Grains Day, enjoy 10% off our Crispy Quinoa and Orange All-Day Breakfast bars from now the end of the Thanksgiving Weekend (Nov. 28th). Use code WHOLE10 at checkout (while supplies last). We are thankful for your continued support!